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Little Tiny Beads -- All Over the House!

Since life never seems quiiiiite hectic enough, I busy myself with fiberarts projects in those few quiet moments. Well, ya, okay, I have been known to knit on the freeway: so my definition of quiet time may be a little extreme.

And the more intricate, the better. One of my latest projects involves tiny Japanese delica beads: constructing a place to hang a tagua-nut carved into a bat. Right away, I knew I wanted to do a New Orleans-style balcony with tons of spanish moss in which to perch. Then I had to figure how to streamline the design so as eliminate excessive kitsch. So I put it away and let the ideas stew while I turned my attention to other projects. While I adore working with delicas, I also am mighty fond of turquoise, Tibetan amber, tanzanite and calcedony. Turquoise is my special weakness. Not only the familiar robin's egg blue found in the West, but also the greeny-brown turquoise from China. And so many new stones keep being mined, like the weird brown opals of Australia that my rudimentary knowledge of rocks and crystals fails me utterly. Sometimes I hang onto stones for ages until inspiration strikes.

Now a new, hideously complex knitting project has taken hold of my imagination. For so long, knitting has been regarded in America as an old lady occupation that you had to pay exorbitant prices for European pattern magazines if you wanted cutting edge design. But with Hollywood rediscovering this soothing way to spend time on the set, handknitting is making a comeback. So much so that a film producer friend invited me to join her knitting circle consisting entirely of other producers. Fortunately, being a producer wasn't a requirement or I'd be hustling down in Jeffville for my stake. Normally, for me, craftwork has been a lonely business, except at shows where it's more like a bazaar or roller derby.

Few outside the crush know how much work goes into a piece, which is why I don't sell my stuff. It's either free or it's priceless. Otherwise, people get kinkty when you say you'd have to charge $500 for something you spent months on. No wonder Van Gogh killed himself.


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Dec. 18th, 2004 02:55 am (UTC)
should you ever wish to have some of your work icon resized, just let me know.

it really is beautiful.

xxoo, sal

p.s. your wish, la belle inconnue....
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