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The First Cut is the Deepest

It's like making the first cut in a birthday cake: I'm afraid to mar the pristine surface of this journal. Or maybe I'm still camera-shy. Although posting online since 1996, I have yet to lift the veil on myself. Usually it's ideas, rants, jokes, but always with my own life excised. Like le bel inconnu of folklore, I have been disinclined to reveal my true identity, though more out of fear that the real me would disappoint or bore. At least, like my namesake, I will tend to keep it nasty, brutish and short. Though doubtless this, too, will descend into rants, the hazards of being a double Gemini, but I will try to keep a tad more personal touch. Eeep!

So what have I been up to? Been awfully busy this fall with auditions. Nothing panning out at the moment, but getting your face in front of casting directors is always a step forward. Last week, I performed at a charity benefit elegantly called "Food Fight": the local stunt fighting schools getting together on behalf of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. My swordmaster and I demonstrated various weapon and open hand techniques and performed katana, knife and rapier fights. It was also nice to see how skilled and often funny the other fighters were.

A few weeks earlier, we (meaning Film Fighting LA: http://www.filmfightingla.com/) attended and performed at this year's Dragonfest, a gathering of film fighting professionals and actors. I rather lucked into the opportunity to also perform with Anthony DeLongis (http://www.delongis.com/), trying not to flinch as he snapped coffee stirrers out of my hands and hair with a bullwhip. Doubtless years from now this story will be embroidered into something more daring or dirty!

Last Sunday, I and maybe 10,000 other hopefuls lined up to apply for extra work in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean II and III. Well, maybe 8,000 others. Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me! Odds on favorites were emaciated, hairy old guys (with the ZZ Top contingent prominently represented), and well-rounded women with boodles of glorious hair. Not falling into either category, I cross my fingers and wait for a call that could come anytime in the next year. Did this at the crack of dawn, so the rubbies on Hollywood Boulevard had yet to awaken. Ah, the smell of stale urine in the morning!

But they were fast and professional, so I had time to go home and change before attending another industry Christmas benefit party that afternoon. We each contributed teddy bears toward the Toys for Tots drive. And remarkably, like snowflakes, no two of the bears were alike. I got mine from the Build a Bear Workshop, which was an experience in itself, and a tale for another time as this post grows too long.

As always, I owe everything to ajrose93!


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Dec. 19th, 2004 05:22 pm (UTC)
Through the lovely synchronicities of LJ ether I found you and your fascinating mate thanks to evalux's journal. I believe we share some common interests and thus, I have added both of you. I haven't been LJ'ing very often due to work committments (I am a teacher) and family trauma, but winter break looms large and I sense some journaling coming on. At any rate, I hope it's cool to add you and look forward to reading more.

(I lived and taught in northern Japan many aeons ago and love senryu, as well as all things japonois).

Dec. 19th, 2004 10:20 pm (UTC)
We certainly understand family trauma and what it can do to one's life.

I envy your Japanese sojourn. Having taken Asian studies since high school and lived with a Japanese boyfriend for many years, it seems the one thing denied me is to visit the source of my fascination.

I look forward to seeing your insights on my friends page.
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