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Plus Ça Change

Change is exhilarating, scary, stressful, necessary, inevitable. A wise man once told me things either grow or they die; there's no such thing as stasis. Life is all about transformation. Yet we can both long for change and fight against it with all our might. I have a propensity to thrive on variety even when every fiber of my being shrieks no. It's just the conscious mind getting in the way of necessity. Sooner or later, I can no longer resist the siren song of new horizons. Gypsy that I be, I've spent much of my career temping and more than once up and moved thousands of miles with no idea what would be at the other end.

But comfort fools us into thinking we're fine where we are and fear of the unknown or our ability to adapt reinforces that belief. So we look for or manufacture reasons to stay. And we can become comfortable in chains while our soul is desperate to be free. But sooner or later, life happens despite our plans. The comedian Jake Johannsen talked about growing up and living in a Midwestern state until he discovered he was free to leave. Jokes aside, we sometimes need to give ourselves permission.

The trick lies in knowing when to leap and staying flexible when landing. Either I jump too soon and too often, or I need a crowbar to convince me it's time to go. But if the Tao is with me, I can make that cowboy jump from one galloping horse to the next and find my new mount better than the last. No matter what I do or think, change is gonna come. I simply have to get used to that fact every time.

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