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Abandoning Reason for Madness

Let’s get this out of the way first: all nations spy on other nations.  Any nation that can will mess with any other nation, even its own allies (f’r instance: https://anewkindofhuman.com/facebook-is-deleting-accounts-at-the-request-of-the-u-s-israeli-german-governments-this-is-just-the-beginning/).  In such activities, one nation stands out for its aggressiveness.  The list of coups and overturned elections by the US is as long as it is overlooked as is our military presence around the world.  And we weren’t even apologetic when German Chancellor Angela Merkel discovered we had bugged her cell phone.

So we now turn to the national apoplexy over purported Russian involvement in our last election.  After a year and millions of dollars spent investigating a variety of allegations, the results thus far turn out to be rather abysmal.  Early claims of “hacking” the election have evaporated as no evidence has surfaced to support them.  Even the DNC claims that the Podesta email dump was the product of a hack has been debunked by tech experts who have proven it must have been a download by a disgruntled insider, this theory being further supported by the go-between who passed on the download to Wikileaks.

The current indictments boil down to 13 Russian nationals running a viral internet advertising firm which included a rather insignificant sum spent on Alex Jones-style Facebook ads and some minor trolling (as compared to this: http://theantimedia.org/state-department-gets-40-million-fund-new-propaganda-troll-farm/).  No evidence of collusion by the Russian government and definitely no sign of the smooth hand of Vladimir Putin behind all this.  If the Russian government wanted to mess with our elections, they certainly would not have done this piss-poor job of it.

Don’t be fooled by the variety of charges: all prosecutors overcharge as a way to pump up their cases and to force plea bargains to make them look more substantial.  Works on rube jurors every damn time.

Aside from these 13, for whom the penalty would, under normal circumstances, be deportation, the only other dirt that has thus far turned up is the usual product of globalization: corrupt business practices on the international scene.  (As the only crime defined in our Constitution, treason is not among any of the charges to date.)  You’d think after we discovered our own banks to be in the money laundering business for drug cartels, we’d be more jaded about revelations so far.  But nothing succeeds like hysteria, so it’s almost impossible to get anyone to look at this with a calm, precise mind.  Watching James Risen debate Glenn Greenwald was painful.  Greenwald, despite his usual meticulousness, was unable to get through the cloud of outrage that Risen insisted on as his own case was demolished.  Risen even declared Greenwald a poor communicator since the latter was unable to dispel the fever dreams plaguing Risen.  What was needed, rather, was an exorcism.

As the case disintegrates before their very eyes, the Democratic party is switching its hopes from WWIII with Russia to purging its own party of dissidents by inferring guilt by association (however attenuated) to Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein as the purported beneficiaries of this marginal ad campaign.  “Sowing dissent,” a clear right under the First Amendment, has now become a potential criminal charge.  What next, full-on HUAC hearings in Congress?  The dangers to our freedoms radiating out of the Democratic party may only be possible thanks to the shade thrown by our Clown-in-Chief, but they are very real and currently unchallenged.  This being the Democratic party, our only hope lies in the party’s uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  We will have to take our heroes wherever we can find them.


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Feb. 28th, 2018 12:54 am (UTC)
And then there's this
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