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Across the Aisle

As the "I've lost respect for so many people" election grinds to a painful conclusion, I have begun seeing articles about attempting to heal the breach between embittered sides. Sadly, these articles come from a place where the other side is, of course, wrong, and regarded more as a rabid dog than a person with real grievances and a point of view that may not be entirely imaginary, whatever other repugnant baggage comes with (Clinton voters carry as much slime as do Trump supporters in this regard.)

It will take someone from outside both camps, who has been working all this time to maintain a civil discourse to initiate such a healing, to mediate between two parties who are so trapped in their own hysterical fantasies that they cannot truly offer genuine peace, without condescension. Each is responsible for the grievances the other feels, however justifiable and neither side demonstrates the slightest bit of humor. Admitting blame and lowering tensions through humor and self-deprecation go a long way toward healing such breaches but the hallmark of this election has been the utter lack in both these qualities.

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