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"Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes"

After watching the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special on the 8th doctor (I'm religiously watching them all), I found myself at a loss. Having only the one TV outing followed by radio specials which I have never had the opportunity to hear, I had forgotten the impact this transitional figure had on me (or perhaps subsequent incarnations brought it into clearer focus). For all the years I had watched the show, sometimes intermittently, I found the character fascinating but remote. For the first time, in Paul McGann’s performance, we see a more emotionally accessible character, wearing his damaged heart on his sleeve, who when he said, “come with me” for the first time I answered “yes.” Not for me to be a pet along for the ride, amusing and sometimes useful, I finally found a doctor with whom you would not feel lonely blasting around through time and space. Without daring to have a more approachable doctor, we would never have had River Song, Rose Tyler or, for that matter, Donna Noble. Yet at the time all the horrified uproar was about the Doctor kissing a woman. To be Gallifreyan does not necessarily mean to be celibate, though humans might seem a bit of a step down for a 900 year old time traveler. We take this as a given now, but as with all revolutionary changes, the revolutionary is a dead man. And not just that he fought and likely died in the last great Time War. Doctors 9 through 11 have benefitted enormously from this charismatic leap, as Daniel Craig followed Timothy Dalton’s harder edged Bond to a more appreciative reception. David Tennant keenly observed that the chipper 4th Doctor cast a long shadow but the dark 8th Doctor casts a long light.


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Nov. 14th, 2013 11:10 pm (UTC)
Not that I think Moffat reads this insignificant journal:

Nov. 19th, 2013 09:42 pm (UTC)
Nor am I the only one to be so thrilled. Rarely has a guest crashed the party so late to such welcome:

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