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Party Like It's 1899

The parallels are astonishing. As preparations are being made to usher in the new Gilded Age, I called for an update on when the hell our phone service will be reinstated only to find that Verizon's promise of no later than the 21st has morphed into the 29th. And when I dared to voice disappointment, I was told that some people have service dates into February. Hey, if someone's gonna remind me how lucky I am, it ought to be me, not the damn phone company! And if I wanted a pro to bag on me, I would have called my mother. Oh, wait, that would require a working phone, since her psychic powers are waning.

It reminds me of the old gag: a guy goes into a hotel. They tell him they have no room. He says, what if the president visited? The concierge tells him they have a suite reserved for such an occasion. Well, the guy says, then give me his room. So, how about the president's phone service?

For me, at least I have office access, but poor ajrose93 has only our home office under the same Verizon plague on all our phone jacks. As though he were not hermit enough already. And not being able to speak to him all day is making us both crazy.

I am still figuring out my new Virgin cell phone but that doesn't help AJ's lack of internet access. Virgin is obviously oriented to the kid market. Their security questions were all baffling, like who gave you your first kiss. I said I don't remember, it's been too damn long.


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Jan. 20th, 2005 02:22 am (UTC)
Hey, tell him I can come by for a visit this weekend if he wants. :)

I feel SO bad for you guys. What a load of shit.
Jan. 21st, 2005 07:46 pm (UTC)
I relayed your message and he wanted me to thank you for being so considerate. The radio silence has forced him to work on his notes, never an easy task. But I got a call from our Verizon technician this morning, so keep your fingers crossed that they actually get us back in the 21st Century by the end of the day.
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