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Despite my every effort to avoid data mining operations, sometimes through giving false and conflicting information, I’m beginning to feel there’s no place to hide in the 21st Century Corporate Security State. Now I’m starting to get junk mail from dating services. Not internet spam, but actual snail mail solicitations. Cruel realities wait for no one, certainly not organ harvesters who were after me before the paramedics had left. A job I don’t envy but only shock kept me from screaming GTFO.

Bad enough that my information is being collected and sold to every catalogue company and charitable organization I have never heard of, but finding personal information online, information I do not divulge, is scare inducing. I don’t want to be hunted down, like that poor actress, shot on her doorstep by a crazed fan, especially since I’m the sort of annoying woman to attract that kind of rage. I do provide information relevant for my career but I prefer the aura of mystery as much as possible. One doesn’t have to be a reclusive survivalist or shrinking violet to simply wish to be left alone, to be not constantly spied upon. I’m relatively free with my opinions, ask anyone.

But it’s that constant feeling that you have no right to be left alone, no right to decide what to reveal of yourself and what is none of anyone else’s business. A certain level of surveillance is to be expected but it’s one thing to have the FBI opening your mail and quite another for the government to sell your information to corporations who collate it then turn around and sell it to anyone with a grudge and a few bucks.

Really, I’m not all that interesting. Nor am I persuadable by marketing. So piss off.

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