July 27th, 2015


In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Last night I dreamed I was at a protest and the cops used some sort of tech that ID’d everyone by reading their credit cards and drivers licenses and turned off every parked car in a 2 mile radius. Then for everyone who uses a key card, they shut off the key card of everyone they ID’d to prevent them from getting back in to their apartments. After that, they used a curfew law to arrest everyone who could not get indoors (and people wonder why I’m turning Luddite). Clowns would have been gilding the lily.

It's not merely the surfeit of police brutality videos lately, it's also that landlords are requiring increasing amounts of personal information, demanding guests be "registered," wanting photos of your pets, putting tracking devices in your access cards so they know how often and when you use various facilities. All this with the Orwellian claim that they are leasing "apartment homes" when said hovels begin to resemble Mexican prisons than civilian residences. When does "none of your business" enter into anything anymore? The invasion of privacy goes way beyond any commercial justification but the enforcers are so inured to the system that they consider you paranoid simply because you want to be left alone. Why should this need explanation or justification?